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Take advantage of our unique Software & Computer Troubleshooting Subscription

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Take advantage of our unique Software & Hardware Troubleshooting Subscription

Why pay every single time you need help with a computer problem? Save money and subscribe to our unique Software & Hardware Troubleshooting Service Subscription program.

How it works:
You subscribe to our Software & Hardware Troubleshooting Service by filling out the form below. Select the level of Service that fits best to your needs. Peace of mind is guaranteed once you have a troubleshooting subscription and you know we are there for you when you need help. Minimum Subscription period is 6 Months.

What you get:
You can choose from the levels of Troubleshooting Service listed below. Services provided cover all aspects of software and hardware troubleshooting including workstations, servers, network environments, databases and web sites.
  • Remote Services: This includes Telephone Support and Remote Assistance as well as access to our Knowledge Base. Call us any time and we will guide you thru the process on how to fix the problem you are facing. Remote Services are included in all packages.
  • On-Site Residential Services: On-Site Troubleshooting Service intended to serve the needs of an individual using 1 - 3 computers.
  • On-Site Commercial Services: This level focuses on Small Business Customers who operate 4 - 10 computers in a domain environment.
  • Gold Package: Choose this package if your company operates 11 - 20 Computers in a domain environment.
  • Platinum Package: Choose this package if you have more then 20 Computers in a domain environment.
  • UNIX / Linux Services: If you run a UNIX / Linux environment our partner Software Saints is specialized in troubleshooting UNIX based systems.
Your subscription is based on a monthly fee* as shown in the table below.

Select Service Level
Fee* $/month
Level 1 - Remote Services
Level 2 - On-Site Residential Services
Level 3 - On-Site Commercial Services
Level 4 - Gold Package
Level 5 - Platinum Package
Level 6 - UNIX / Linux Services**

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Terms of Subscription

*The monthly fee includes a two (2) hour limit per incident on Service Levels 1 - 3 and a three (3) hour limit on Service Levels 4 and 5. You can have one incident per day. If the problem is not solvable within this time frame or includes a new setup or reinstallation the normal hourly charges apply according to our non-subscription price list which you can review on the Services Page. These subscriptions do not include initial setups and installations nor special projects of any nature. Troubleshooting of any existing system is guaranteed if it is part of the general services we offer. Minimum subscription period is six (6) months. After 6 months, subscriptions continue on a month to month basis and can be canceled any time by both parties (Client and United Computer Professionals, LLC). In case of a cancellation, services may continue to be used until 30 days after the last payment. Prices are subject to change without notice. In case of a price adjustment clients can cancel their subscription immediately. We only accept Checks or Money Orders.

**UNIX / Linux Services are provided by our partner Software Saints.

I have read and understood the terms of the subscription.

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